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Falcon Lasers has been focused from the beginning in supplying construction customers with precision control methods


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Hand-Held Laser Detectors

LS 100

  • Bright, Multi-Color LED's - Red - above grade, Green - on grade, and Blue - below grade.
  • 11 Channel's of Information - Provides instant visual grade information.
  • LCD On Front and Back - Large display is easy to read.
  • Strobe Light Rejection Filter - Eliminates false readings from strobe lights on trucks and machinery.
  • p/n 1-08942

LS 50

  • 5 Channel's of Information
  • LCD on Front and Back - Allow user to stand behind the rod, eliminating the possibility of accidently blocking the beam.
  • Level Bubble Mounted on Rod Clamp - Gives the user a level reference to ensure the most accurate reading is taken.
  • p/n 1-08930

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